Underwriting Guidelines

The purpose of the underwriting message is to acknowledge a contribution made to KTSU and to identify the underwriter, their products and services and their contact information.

Public Radio can:

  • Establish the organization’s name and location
  • Describe your main products or services
  • Include a telephone number or website
  • Mention a well established, recognizable corporate slogan in use for at least six months
  • Make value-neutral statements about your product or service
  • Broadcast how long you have been in business, if you wish
  • State that you support KTSU or one of the programs it airs

The FCC asks Public Radio to avoid:

  • The use of comparative, qualitative or suggestive language
  • The mention of prices, interest rates, or indications of savings associated with products or services
  • Addressing the usefulness, convenience or advantages of the product or service
  • Any use of the first or second person such as you, yours and ours
  • Employing inducements to buy, sell, rent, lease, borrow or loan
  • Any calls to action
  • The avocation of any political or matter of public interest.
  • Acknowledges which sound commercial, such as enhanced or exaggerated intonation and 60 second spots which are typically viewed as commercials.

KTSU Underwriting Guidelines

Price Information
Price information of any sort is prohibited, including product or service price, savings information, value information, interest rates, or indication of no cost. For example:

  • “Starting in the low $200’s”
  • “Buy one, get one free”
  • “Available with a 6.5% APR”
  • “Fifty percent off”
  • “Tickets only $5”

Calls to Action
No calls to action regarding the company or a product or service are allowed. For example:

  • “Come in for a test drive”
  • “Get your tickets on line”
  • “Buy our CDs at XYZ music store”

Inducements to Buy, Sell, Rent, or Lease
Inducements to buy, sell, rent, or lease a product or utilize a service are prohibited. This includes announcements of special promotions. For example:

  • “Get a gift with purchase”
  • “Includes oil changes for a year”
  • “Breakfast specials from 7am til 10am””

Comparative Information
Anything that favorably compares an underwriter to competitors or industry standards is unacceptable. This includes mentions of awards of recognition or merit. For example:

  • “We have the largest selection in town”
  • “Named ‘best place to eat’ three years in a row”
  • “Award winning singer”
  •  “Staffed by only experienced professionals”

Qualitative Information
Descriptive information that is not value neutral is deemed qualitative and is not acceptable. For example:

  • “Offering exceptional customer service”
  • “A perfect setting for a romantic evening”
  • “High quality medical care”

Important note-
KTSU reserves the right to exercise complete editorial discretion when determining format, content, length, and scheduling of underwriting announcements. An underwriting credit may be promotional even if the information it contains is factually true. The fact that the underwriter’s claim can be proven will not make it acceptable. If the copy violates one of the restrictions listed above, it is unacceptable. KTSU also reserves the right to reject any announcements which, in our judgment, would violate any FCC policy, fail to serve the public interest, violate station and KTSU policies or adversely affect the reputation or financial condition of the station.

An underwriting message on KTSU may not be longer than thirty seconds.

*Some consideration is given to non-profit organizations in regard to language exceptions on a case by case basis; however these exceptions are made only with the Director of Development or Station Manager’s consent.