The Revolution Will Be Jazz – Giacomo Gates

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The Revolution Will Be Jazz – Giacomo Gates

Gil Scott-Heron was best described as one of the poet laureates of revolutionary change in America. His cutting-edge views on politics, social issues and the environment often echoed the ever-evolving events occurring on the world stage. His untimely passing on May 27, 2011 ended a career that spanned four decades of observational rhetoric that was often poignant and straight to the point. Notwithstanding Scott-Heron’s varying perspectives on race religion, guns and other aspects of society, his words and music pushed the envelope of expected change. Giacomo Gates continues down a similar path once blazed by Gil with the release of ‘The Revolution Will Be Jazz: The Songs of Gil Scott-Heron,’ a CD filled with a vast array of junkets into the psyche of the “Godfather of Rap.” This album allows Gates to not only highlight some of Scott-Heron’s least known works, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the music of Giacomo Gates as well.

With a passion mirroring that of Gil Scott-Heron’s, Giacomo Gates slides effortlessly into the overall theme of this 10-track release. Mixed therein, are the subtleties of jazz flavored with vocal opinions reflecting paths of consciousness that often appears politically questionable by any stretch of expression. References to “Lady Day,” “John Coltrane,” “Is It Jazz” and other stimulating topics of conversation permeate the void left by Gil’s passing. Giacomo takes the journey another further with a manner conveyance uniquely qualified to be his own. No matter which track you hone-in on, the intent remains the same: Present thought-provoking truth that is continuously entertaining, insightful and relevant.

When examining the overall scope of Giacomo Gates’ ‘The Revolution Will Be Jazz: The Songs of Gil Scott-Heron,” this CD stands as a testament to the multi-faceted body of work left by one of America’s premier social commentators who anchor themselves in music. Gates continues a path of radical excellence set by Gil, The Last Poets, Nina Simone, James Brown and a host of other artists with similar prophetic viewpoints. ─ Sheldon T. Nunn

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