The “Spirit” of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Black Heritage Society in conjunction with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee presented the historical statue unveiling ceremonies of the MLK Memorial Statue in Park Plaza located in Macgregor Park.  The “Spirit” of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. program took place on Saturday, May 24, 2014.  Special guests included the Honorable Martin Luther King, III, son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee; Congressman Al Green; Rev. William “Bill” Lawson; State Representative Sylvester Turner; State Representative Senfronia Thompson; State Representative Garnet Coleman; Senator Rodney Ellis and many more.  There is a plaque positioned at the foot of the Tree of Life.  The Martin Luther King (MLK) Tree of Life represents the 36-year old promise that Ovide Duncantell and the Black Heritage Society (BHS) organization made to Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. (Daddy King) and the entire King family.  The BHS conducted the first Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade in America to honor the slain leader’s birthday in January 1978.  During this time, the BHS organization and the Houston community at large had also experienced success in changing the name of South Park Boulevard to Martin Luther King Boulevard.  Daddy King served as the keynote speaker for the ceremony and also as the parade’s first grand marshal.  This became the conduit to recognize the need for a national holiday.  In 1980, the Houston City Council unanimously passed resolution 80-265 that authorized and provided to the BHS a dedicated piece of land located in the esplanade of MLK and OST.  In 1983 the BHS organization, at the behest of Daddy King, planted a small oak tree at the dedicated location to serve as a sentinel in lieu of a future MLK Statue.  The tree has now grown for more than 31 years.  And through the work of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, the plaza surrounding the tree and The Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue was created.  The tree has now grown for more than 31 years.  To date, it is known as the Tree of Life.

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