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People ask why jazz? Jazz originated in America and has become known as the American art form which is loved around the world. It is also studied and taught throughout the world. Some colleges and universities even offer degrees in jazz. Texas Southern University is one of those universities. Some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians have studied at TSU: Kirk Whalum, Anita Moore, Barrie Hall, Joe Sample, Hubert Laws, Bobbi Humphrey and many more.

The rich history of jazz includes its beginnings with Negro Spirituals, the Blues, Ragtime, and Dixieland. Its colorful progression has traveled through Bebop, Big Band, Straight Ahead, Cool Jazz, Latin Jazz, Free Jazz, Fusion Jazz and Smooth Jazz. KTSU as a public radio station which also has the largest African American audience of any public radio station in the country is committed to jazz offering jazz programming in all of its colors. KTSU’s mission is to stay current with the progression of jazz while preserving its history.

KTSU’s jazz programming includes National Public Radio’s (NPR) Jazz Profiles, hosted by Nancy Wilson, Jazz from the Lincoln Center, hosted by Wendell Pierce and Jazz Set with Dee Dee Bridgewater. From time to time, KTSU partners with jazz events such as the Houston Jazz International Festival presented by Jazz Education Inc. In August KTSU also presents its Choice Evening of Jazz in a continuing endeavor to bring jazz to the local community.

Houston is also known as a jazz town and has also produced some great jazz musicans, such as Arnett Cobb, Conrad Johnson, Milk Larkin, Illinois Jacquet, Billy Harper, Everett Harp, Jewel Brown, Ronnie Laws, Bobby Lyle and many more. This is why we salute Jazz as we commemorate our past jazz performers, celebrate our present performers, and stay committed to our future jazz performers by educating, promoting, and broadcasting jazz.

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