Graduation Is Around The Corner

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Graduation is around the corner, and many seniors and forth coming graduate students are preparing to make their mark on the world including Texas Southern University’s graduating class of 2012. Join TSU friends and family May 12th as they prepare to welcome graduates into the world.

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment and a very exciting time. However it can be a terrifying time as well, as new grads face this extremely difficult economic climate. While the news is often grim, there are many things grads to be can do now to prepare for the future. KTSU would like to help give you some tips as you prepare for your future.

KTSU Community Tips:

  • Take advantage of the Career Counseling Center at your college or university. Let them assist you in preparing your resume and cover letter. Career Counseling centers typically have an inventory of alumni who reach out to new grads for employment opportunities. The Career Center can also help you make contacts, network, research potential career options, and get you started
  • There are many websites that provide valuable information regarding career opportunities. Check some out,  it is possible to research various careers, the skills and education required for that job, the job forecast, and the average salary for the job.
  • Also research websites which provide information regarding how to get a job, write a resume, prepare for an interview, etc.
  • Research online. Talk to people who are in professions that interest you. Ask them questions about what their job entails. Be specific and really investigate what each day is like for them. Ask them if you might be able to shadow them for a day. Network, network, network! You never know how a connection with someone might help you in the future.
  • Take advantage of internship positions. This is a fabulous thing to do during your summer break or even as a new graduate. Many companies offer internship programs to recent graduates, which can lead to full time positions.

The most important thing is preparation. Professional counselors are available who can help you figure out your next step. There are assessment tools available that can help you gain information about your personal interests, the best work environment for you, and your personality style. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory are assessments that can be easily accessed online and you can even meet with a professional counselor to review these assessments. Help is available and the time to start your job search is now.

Be prepared, do your research, network like crazy, talk to people, ask questions, and get your resume and cover letter ready. This is an exciting time in your life and is truly the beginning of your journey. Take the first step towards your future. Now is the time!


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